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Our Goal

Have you heard of a Pre kindergarten, focused on preparing children, six weeks to five years old, to enter the public or private school on a 2nd-grade reading and math level?


At Daniel & Solomon Wisdom Center, this is our goal! With help from our parents and the amazing staff put in place we can accomplish it.

Under the leadership of our Visionary and Senior Pastor, Apostle Tyrone W. Howell, Jr., we are ready and willing to accomplish this.

See what our parents have to say...

"The positive atmosphere and how welcoming the staff is has made this an incredible journey so far."
Kiara Brown,
2-3 year old class
"He's in the right space, in the right class with the right teacher to accomplish things that we thought would take a very long time to achieve."
Jennifer Woods, 2-3 Year Old class

Meet Our Team.

Our pre-kindergarten team at Daniel & Solomon Wisdom Center is dedicated to fostering strong relationships not only with our students but parents alike. With experience in early childhood education and a passion for teaching,we strive to give our students a solid educational foundation. Our team is committed to creating a fun, safe and nurturing environment where students can develop to their full potential.

Alongside our parents we will be  helping our students reach a second grade reading and math level that will prepare them for success.

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